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Yellow Tractor Therapy - Child and family therapy

Why "Yellow Tractor"?

As a child I would spend hours on my yellow tractor going on the most wonderful imaginative journeys. Being a second generation migrant, I often wondered where I fitted in as a I navigated my way through the different cultures. It was on my yellow tractor I could imagine what the future held. Now, as an adult looking back, I am filled with warmth and fond memories as I realise it was a place where I was able to think, ground myself and reconnect with reality -  my safe haven. 

At Yellow Tractor Therapy I hope to create a safe haven for you - where you can explore, reconnect and move forward as a family.  

Southgate, bounds green, wood green, winchmore hill, palmers green, enfield, cockfosters, barnet, totterridge, finchley

Tricia and I am a child and family psychodynamic psychotherapist with over 30 years experience working with parents and children.

About Me

My name is Tricia and I am a child and family psychodynamic psychotherapist with over 30 years experience working with parents and children.

I started my journey 30 years ago as a nursery nurse. It was as a nursery nurse my fascination with childhood development started and subsequently led me to train as a social worker. I worked as a children & family social worker in various London boroughs specialising in parenting assessments. My passion for an even deeper understanding pushed me to a career in Child and Family Psychotherapy. I worked in a London CAMHS team for 11 years from 2010. 

I provide specialist interventions for parents around a range of difficulties including: sleep, feeding, anger and behavioural, attachment difficulties, separation anxiety, bereavement and loss. I undertake short and long-term psychotherapy, parenting guidance, communication work and assessments. I further provide consultations to professional organisations such as schools, social services and GPs.

I have an in-depth understanding of social care and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Throughout my career, I have gained a reputation for my ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. I have a distinctive warm and approachable style, together with a bright sense of fun that puts children and families at ease. I provide a calm and emphatic space, am non-directive and follow cues from children of all ages.

Southgate, bounds green, wood green, winchmore hill, palmers green, enfield, cockfosters, barnet, totterridge, finchley

My Credentials

Experience You Can Count On

Nursery Officer

Seven years in Woodlands Park Nursery Centre of Excellence where I discovered my passion for understanding child development and learnt how to build supportive relationships with parents. The centre's ethos was to create an environment where all children and parents felt valued - something that I have carried through all my work to date.

Social Worker

After completing my degree in Social Work in 2003, I have undertaken full time child and family social worker roles in a number of challenging environments across a range of London boroughs. I was able to help and support some of the most vulnerable families which made a huge difference to their outlook. This has included parenting assessments, therapeutic interventions and working with families to improve their lives.

CAMHS Therapist

I worked at CAMHS for 11 years - initially as a clinical social worker and currently as a child and family psychotherapist. The team provides assessment, support and treatment to children and young people with mental health difficulties or learning disabilities. 

I liaised with different professionals connected to the child and their family, where I provided consultation, support and input.

Academic Qualifications

BSc Social Work

2003 - Buckinghamshire University

MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development

2008 - Birkbeck University

MA Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with Children, Young People & Families.

2019 - Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust


Contact Me

Tricia Di Pino

Flat 21 Bramford Court, Southgate, London, N14 6DH


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